Finally, it came back.

The feelings of confusion, despair, and being unsure. they’re back

So what does that mean?

It means I need to get back on track. Back to feeling okay again. Back to my routine. Back to working on myself.

So what does that mean for her and I?

It means we need to figure something out so I can still do me. Need to solve this jealousy. Need to figure out what is to be compromised. Need to figure out if I have changed too much. Need to figure out if we can still work.

Finally, I feel unsure again.

One thought on “Finally

  1. Confusion is always a normal circumstance depending on what has happened, but can always be worked out! Keep your head high and keep your routine. But dont push away those you love because in order for you to build yourself, you need to learn to incorporate others.

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