New Year, New Me?

Well it’s 2018 now..Happy New Year to all you reading this. 

Things are changing for me this year. You can say they are new year resolutions but they are more my chance at a fresh start:

Weight: it’s time to stop eating my emotions. Im back with Weight Watchers and have already lost 5 pounds! So only 95 more to go until I am at my goal weight. I’m not hungry or anything so I really want to stick with it this time so I will feel confident and happy in whatever I wear and do!

Exercise: I’ve been back to the gym twice since coming back to F and it feels awesome! I’ve had more energy and I will reach my goal of going to the gym 3 times a week! 

Recovery: I start mind body medicine this week which is a mindfulness group. I’m excited but also worried that it will take up too much time especially since I am trying to get a job now too. 

I also have a lot of little goals so we will see how it goes!!

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