Where l am now

So much has happened in 2018 so far so where to begin?

I am back with S and couldn’t be happier about it . She really has grown up and we are on the same page with what we want in life. Our only issue now is our sex life. my libido has been way down but have discovered during our time apart that I have some fetishes/Kink that I need in my sex life.I am a switch 100% which means that I need someone who can submit fully to me but who can also dominate me, taming my brat-iness and punishing me with impact play. Because of this, we have sought out mentors & friends to teach us how to properly live the BDSM lifestyle safely and So that we are both satisfied.

As for my mental health, lots has happened, I am finally in the STEPPS group! It has been so helpful and I’m already on Managing Problems! At home, my goal setting is much easier and my task lists aren’t as big / long and broken down as they used to be . It’s such an amazing feeling!

But l do have a concussion from work so I need to end the update here but will let you know more soon!

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