You cut me

You cut me like a razor

Come back, please be here

straight through the heart

I know we are better apart

But why is that when I see you

But I want you to be the one

I want to fall into your arms

I need you to be the one to hold me

like a wave crashing on to its shore

kiss me, tell me none of this happened

You break me into a million pieces

tell me it was only ever me

You tell me you want me?

be the person i need you to be

Then why are you with her?

don’t let her ruin you

The one who caused my heart to shatter

like she ruined what we once had

The one who caused us to be forever different

don’t make me watch you drive away

tell me it was just to make me jealous

come back, kiss my face

tell me you lied; she never had you like I once did

tell me you are my penguin

I’m scared,

I’m tired

I don’t know if I can be strong now

of knowing we are better off

You are still the razor that will forever cut me

But you still cut me down every time

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