When is it too much?

I don’t know if I can do this.

I can’t make it past 4 without breaking down. I can’t wake up without looking for you.

I keep having these little moments where I forget we are not together. It’s like a heartbreak every few minutes.

Just in the last hour, I wanted you to put the last piece of my puzzle in its place; I wanted you to say let’s go for a walk; I’ve wanted you to come up behind me and hug me; I wanted to study with you; I wanted to tell you about my day; I wanted to plan our next day; I wanted so much with you.

I really don’t think I can continue like this. I would do anything to call you, to see you, to be with you.

You had said you weren’t ready but I know Im ready enough for the both of us.

What would you do right now if I called you? Would it push you further away or pull you closer?

I don’t know what to do. It’s getting to be too much. I thought about writing a letter… I thought about asking you to hang out….i thought about calling and begging.

I can’t keep doing this without you. I need you to come back.

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