Watching you go

Watching you go is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. And I’ve done it so many more times than I should have.

We were meant to be. It’s so hard to convince myself otherwise. It’s so hard to let that thought go.

Why did you have to choose her? Why not let me show you how happy we could be?

You are all I ever wanted and all I ever needed. I am so sorry I didn’t show you that when I had the chance.

This was your final decision. I’m sorry I couldn’t do it anymore. Seeing the one you want to marry and spend your life with be with someone else is just too hard.

You say you have concerns. Why not let us get through those together? And let me show you that you are making assumptions that wouldn’t be the case?

The hardest part right now is not calling you and begging you to come home. But I know, at least a part of me knows, that it wouldn’t change anything. But what if it did?

What if you had given me one more chance? I would cry and kiss your face and show you how much I love you. But instead you chose to not let us happen.

You say you love her more, you want her more, but then why was this so hard? Why kiss me with so much love?

I will never forget you. I will never not want you. If you chose to come back tonight, I know you would be welcomed with open arms.

One day I might believe that this is best, that we are not meant to be. But until then, I beg you to stay and watch you leave.

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