I am.

Thank you for stopping by.

I am writing this blog for 3 main reasons:

#1) for myself. I always hear that writing can be good for self care and to help avoid self-destructive behaviours (such as self harm). So this is my attempt at better self care. My posts are full of my raw feelings and what I am experiencing on a daily basis. I am not censoring myself here so please be aware that some posts may be hard to read as they might be dealing with issues such as suicide, self-harm, drug addiction, sexual behaviours, etc. Mental illness is not pretty so be aware that most of my blog posts are not pretty either.

#2) for others who, like me, are struggling with mental illness. You are not alone. I cannot stress this enough. See something you relate to and you want to reach out? Contact me. Just need a friendly hello to get through the day? Contact me. I am here and this is my way of showing that you are not alone and people do care.

#3) for others who want to learn. Maybe you have never been diagnosed with a mental illness but you are just curious. Maybe someone closed to you is mentally ill so you want to see what it’s like. Maybe you just want to be more educated in this area. Whatever the reason, read and ask questions. I will be happy to provide you with the best answer I can.

So who am I?

Well I am a university graduate (BSc, Honours in Psychology) who was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality. I have struggled with mental illness since my early teenage years and am constantly struggling with issues such as suicide and self harm. I have two pets: a cat and a bearded dragon; and I love spending time with both of them. I have a loving and supporting partner and when I have time I enjoy art such as painting, coloring and sketching. I am also doing a few research projects and have my own business with Arbonne (health, beauty and wellness). If you want to know more or have any questions, please contact me via the reach out page. Thank you and enjoy!